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Project Description
DevExpress Contrib is a repository for user contributed functionality targeting the Developer Express tools and framework. This project will focus upon features yet unaddressed by Developer Express. DevExpress Contrib is open source and may be used in commercial applications.

Developer Express supplies a growing suite of components and framework tools. However, the development of specific software features may be limited by Developer Express’ business priorities. DevExpress Contrib fills this gap with user contributed functionality.

If (or perhaps when) Developer Express supplies functionality that DevExpress Contrib contains, the DevExpress Contrib feature will be marked obsolete and eventually removed from the project.

Current features:
  • Xpo.UpdateSchema: Modify an existing database schema utilizing a database independent approach. (Alpha)
  • XtraGrid.DxValidateColumnProvider: Add DxValidationProvider style validation to grid columns. (Beta)
  • WatermarkInputPromptManager: Add a simple way to include a 'watermark' input prompt to Developer Express edit controls. (Obsolete. Use Properties.NullValuePrompt instead.)
  • GlobalExceptionHandler: Globally handle exceptions with a user friendly approach. (Beta)
  • DxExtensions: Simplify some of the awkward tasks in Developer Express controls. (Alpha)

I have moved DxValidateColumnProvider and the Global Exception Handler to beta because they are in testing for a shipping product. If you have shipped a product with any of these components please let me know.

Online Documentation can be viewed here.

Please contact the DevExpress Contrib coordinator if you want to contribute to this project.

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