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Watermark Input Prompts

Obsolete. Use Properties.NullValuePrompt instead.
With the release of 9.1.2, DevExpress has included the NullValuePrompt property which replaces this class.


Input Prompt is one of the interface design patterns mentioned in "Designing Interfaces" by Jenifer Tidwell. The idea is to "Prefill a text field or dropdown with a prompt that tells the user what to do or type." (Tidwell, pg 225)

One common way to accomplish this is when the edit box is blank some explainitory text is placed into the edit box. This text is shown with a muted grey text.

This feature is not supported out of the box with the Developer Express controls. However, the Developer Express Support Center supplies the code on how to accomplish this task.

The problem is that for every edit box for which you want an watermark you have to hook up three events. So the WatermarkInputPromptManager is used to handle these repetative tasks for you.

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