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Modify an existing database schema utilizing a database independent approach.

Updating an existing database schema is a feature that has been requested and that Developer Express may eventually implement (see: A581 and AS4684). However, since this is a feature that I would like to use now, I decided to implement it here. Xpo.UpdateSchema is written using C# in Visual Stuido 2008 and uses version 3.5 of the .NET framework.

DevExpressContrib.Xpo.UpdateSchema currently modifies three things within an existing XPO generated schema.

Schema Updates:

  • Update the size of a string column.
  • Delete a column.
  • Rename a column.
Xpo.UpdateSchema performs these tasks by using attributes and database specific providers (similar to XPO functionality). It currently has providers for the following databases.


  • Microsoft SQL Server (tested using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition)
  • Microsoft Access (tested using the default Jet engine under Microsoft Windows XP)
  • VistaDB 3
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere

Features that still need to be implemented:

  • Would like to include a way to check for the most recent database version and set that version in the database.
  • Write more tests.
  • Ensure the hierarchical persistent classes work properly - this has not yet been tested.
Additional providers will be added as time permits (and if I have access to the database engines). If you would like to contribute a provider please contact me.

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